Heartbeats for Life

Every human life…cherished and protected


Vision Statement:  Heartbeats for Life envisions a world where every human life is cherished and protected both in the womb and in strong families.
Mission Statement:  Heartbeats for Life is a life-affirming pregnancy resource medical center serving the people of our community with the love of Christ.
We will achieve our Mission by:
  1. Practicing intentional unconditional love of Christ in word and deed to all that come.
  2. Offering practical help and positive alternative choices to abortion.
  3. Loving women and men so hope rises within them and they can love their baby to life.
  4. Providing restoration resources for post-abortive women and men.
  5. Encouraging, equipping, and expanding a united culture of life in our churches and communities across all ethnicities.
  6. Teaching the value of sexual integrity and the importance of abstinence outside of marriage.
  7. Modeling and serving others in the local, state, national, and international pro-life communities.
  8. Providing material, emotional, spiritual, and limited diagnostic resources to the pregnant woman and to the parents.